Take 3, Use 3—How to Safely Enter & Exit Equipment

Take 3, Use 3—How to Safely Enter & Exit Equipment

One of the most routine tasks we perform multiple times throughout the day is accessing and egressing our equipment. Last years’ trends revealed accessing/egressing equipment was one of the main contributors when reviewing our serious incidents. Please click on the video below to watch a short, education video on our Take 3, Use 3 process.



Always Remember

Pause before you climb up or down a piece of equipment. Stop, face the access point, and properly position yourself.

Plan your ascent or descent. Take time to inspect the equipment, steps, and handholds for defects, missing, or damaged rungs, or excessive mud that might make the surfaces slick.

Proceed slowly and deliberately while maintaining 3 points of contact. Ensure your hands are free to allow a firm grip and have sound footing with each step.