One Team. One P&J.

Our Stories

P&J is more than a company. We’re a group of dedicated, talented individuals who take immense pride in their work. The #OneTeam campaign highlights the richness of the P&J story by celebrating the team members who embody the company’s legacy and bright future.

  • PandJ - One team. One P&J. Henry

    Henry Partin

    Henry is the perfect example of our first priority, Integrity. We believe in starting from a place of ethical conduct, always, and keeping the lines of communication open. From management to labor…

    PandJ - One team. One P&J. Shop

    Mechanical Services

    P&J’s Mechanical Services team is an integral part of our operations, and we’re excited to introduce you to a few of them! Some of our longest-serving team members manage, improve, and repair our fleet, and…

    PandJ - One team. One P&J. Scotty Orr

    Scotty Orr

    Scotty Orr grew up watching his dad come to work for P&J–now he’s VP of Operations with our Florida operations! As a family company, we love hearing stories like Scotty’s…

  • PandJ - One team. One P&J. Macy Kite

    Macy Kite

    Meet Macy Kite! Macy is a Data Analyst in our Knoxville office, where she helps gather and read data to improve P&J’s operations…

    PandJ - One team. One P&J. Cody Jensen

    Cody Jensen

    Cody Jensen is a Superintendent for P&J’s Mining Group. He works alongside his dad, Sonny, and with his industry experience, he’s helping to enrich the next generation of construction by…

    PandJ - One team. One P&J. Josh Mitchell

    Josh Mitchell

    This is Josh Mitchell, Project Superintendent for P&J Power. Josh gives us an inside look at the day-to-day impact we make by bringing resilient utility infrastructure…

  • Mark Mendoza

    Meet Mark Mendoza! Mark is a Field Safety Manager on our Lower Bois d’Arc project, and he’s on fire for P&J. Throughout his 5 years with P&J, he’s…

    PandJ - One team. One P&J. Courtney Weymouth

    Courtney Weymouth

    This is Courtney Weymouth, Project Engineer & Environmental Specialist, and she’s building a sustainable future at P&J! Courtney’s using the networks of…

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    For decades, we have benefited from our exceptional workforce’s unique skill sets, loyalty, and commitment to excellence. Recognizing that our employees are P&J’s competitive advantage, we strive to deliver the structure, support, and guidance needed for our employees to excel and support the growth of our company. We look forward to the opportunity to welcome new, experienced, enthusiastic, and dedicated people into the P&J Family.


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