Disaster Response

Disaster Response Services present a unique challenge in the construction industry, with massive projects appearing almost overnight. P&J has been providing these services for decades, so we understand these challenges and are prepared to meet them. Our team of experts work on P&J jobs year round, ready to mobilize when you need them. We provide the following services to both government and private entities through our Disaster Response Group.


  • Disaster Debris Collection, Reduction, & Disposal
  • Hazardous Tree, Limb, & Stump Removal
  • Damaged Vehicle / Vessel Removal
  • Waterway / Marine Disaster Debris Removal
  • Coastal & Waterway Restoration
  • Disaster-Damaged Structure Demolition
  • Private Property Debris Removal & Right Of Entry Programs
  • Specialty Disaster-Related Debris Removal & Processing
  • Disaster-Related Hazardous Materials Management
  • Debris Management Site Identification & Management
  • Automated Debris Management System (ADMS) Availability
  • Temporary Office & Housing Preparation & Installation
  • Recycling Of Beneficial End-Use Products
  • Disaster Grant Reimbursement Documentation

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