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Delivered Rapidly & Securely

Delivered Rapidly & Securely


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Welcome! We have partnered with Nvoice Pay through Corpay Payment Automation to facilitate electronic payments to our construction vendors. We chose this service as they are the leader in vendor payment automation and will ensure that your payments are delivered rapidly and securely.

You will continue to send your invoices directly to Phillips Infrastructure Holdings, Inc., Phillips & Jordan, Inc., RowCon, LLC, or National Fleet Service. Please click here to be taken to the RowCon Vendor Payment Link. Once we have approved your invoice(s) and submitted the payment request, Corpay will send you an electronic payment with remittance details. Please take a moment to enroll with Corpay Payment Automation. A confirmation of your enrollment will be provided at that time.

Should you have any questions regarding Corpay Payment Automation and the payment process, please contact the Corpay Payment Support Team at

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