How do we define integrity at P&J?

How do we define integrity at P&J? 


We have recently updated our Code of Ethics and Business Compliance as part of our commitment to Integrity. This Code clearly spells out P&J’s responsibilities to you and our clients, as well as your responsibilities to P&J, and we ask that you take the time to review and sign an acknowledgement that you understand its contents. 

Download our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

Earlier this week you should have received an electronic copy of the updated code for your review and acknowledgement via a DocuSign email. This code is also posted on our company website, as well as on the Doculivery site, where your pay stubs are stored, for you to reference at any point. Please reach out to Human Resources if you have not received the DocuSign email.

At P&J, we want our employees, clients, sub-contractors, partners, and vendors to be proud of the way we conduct business. That’s why we are committed to doing business with the highest standard of integrity. Ethics and compliance mean more to us than ticking boxes and filing documents—we carry our commitment with us into all aspects of our work, large and small, seen and unseen. Every day, we promise to stay true to our heritage and founding principles as we evolve and grow.

If you have any questions or concerns about our Compliance & Ethics program, please contact Lee Haniford for more information. You can always report an ethics violation anonymously through a third party by contacting P&J’s ethics helpline at (844) 286.6021 or by filing a report via