Lyman Lake Spillway

This project consisted of the demolition and construction of a new reinforced concrete flume spillway to replace one that failed during a storm event in February 2020. The existing outlet structure ...

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L-8 Reservoir

The L-8 Reservoir is a unique, 950-acre former rock mine with a watertight geology that allows for deep, below-ground storage of water which minimizes water loss through evaporation and eliminates lev...

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Boone Hydro Project

In preparation for construction of a future cutoff wall, the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) sought to widen the crest of the earth embankment section of Boone Dam and improve its structural stabilit...

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C-51 Reservoir

C-51 Reservoir Construction

The C-51 Reservoir is a regional alternative water supply project for Southeast Florida designed to capture excess storm water currently wasted to tide and causing harm to the Lake Worth Lagoon. The ...

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Lower Bois d’Arc Reservoir Construction

The Lower Bois d’Arc Creek Reservoir was constructed for the North Texas Municipal Water District to meet growing water demands in North Texas. The reservoir impounds more than 350,000 acre-feet of...

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Catawba Raw Water Reservoir & Pump Station Construction

The Catawba River Water Supply Project is a two-year, off-channel reservoir expansion project that was constructed for a joint venture between Union County Public Works and Lancaster County Water and ...

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Pasco County Master Reuse System

The Central Pasco Beneficial Water Reuse Project, located in Land O’ Lakes, Florida, is a “Public – Private” venture involving Pasco County Utilities Service Branch (PCUSB), the Southwest Flor...

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North Fork Spillway and Embankment Improvements

The North Fork Spillway and Embankment Improvements Project was designed to update the North Fork Reservoir dam, which was originally built in 1955. Advances in technology since its construction allow...

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