Honey Grove, TX

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Completion Date

December 2022

Project Description

The Lower Bois d’Arc Creek Reservoir was constructed for the North Texas Municipal Water District to meet growing water demands in North Texas. The reservoir impounds more than 350,000 acre-feet of water providing stable, potable water to the region, while also supporting recreational activities such as fishing and boating. Water is piped from the new lake to a new water treatment plant 35 miles away in a raw water pipeline. Ultimately, the reservoir provides access to 175,000 acre-feet of raw water per year for Fannin County, Texas, and its surrounding areas.

Project Highlights


CY Earthen Embankment


CY of Soil Cement Armoring


CY Internal Drainage Filters


CY Cast in Place Concrete


Acres of Clearing


LF 90" Pipeline


LF 78" Concrete Encased Conduits


Mechanical Gates


Acre Surface Area When Complete


Acre-Feet Capacity

P&J’s Contribution

For the project, P&J was contracted to construct an earthen embankment dam using seven differently-classified zones of materials. The upstream side of the embankment was armored with soil cement, a slurry wall was installed into the foundation, and the embankment included an internal drainage system comprised of chimney drains, blanket drains, rock finger drains, and toe drain piping. The project also entailed a complex water diversion system allowing the existing waterways to flow through and around the site prior to impoundment.

In addition to the embankment, P&J constructed a 120-tall intake towerdual 78” concrete-encased conduit piping designed with a capacity up to 236M gallons per day,  and a cast-in-place concrete service spillway. We also installed an emergency spillway and a portion of the 90” raw water pipeline which will connect to a future pump station, cleared the dam and reservoir footprints, and performed modifications to the existing Lake Bonham Dam.

While most of the cleared trees were disposed of, some felled trees were piled and anchored into place within the reservoir to create fish habitats. P&J also performed pond removal, protection, and modification in the surrounding area as well as removing fencing up to the normal water level within the reservoir.