Wishing Keith Hill a Happy Retirement!

Wishing Keith Hill a Happy Retirement!


After 43 years, Keith Hill, our Shop Superintendent here in Knoxville, is taking his well-deserved retirement. Keith started with P&J days after his high school graduation in the summer of ’77, and he followed us out of the hills in Robbinsville to make his home in Knoxville. He’s seen and been a part of P&J’s evolution, through his own work and through his  father, who was part of P&J for 47 years himself.

A true team player, Keith worked his way up through the maintenance division, deploying to the field and learning how to make repairs. He loves the challenge of our largest equipment–especially the scrapers–and the puzzle of fabrication and redesign to make our fleet safer and more effective. Over the years, Keith and the rest of our in-house maintenance team have developed routine modifications for new equipment like excavators that take an extra 3 weeks to reinforce to P&J standards!

Keith describes himself as a “wild and crazy” kid, who found his drive through his team at P&J. “There’s been a lot of good people who’ve come through this company. The people in the maintenance division all have about 35+ years invested in this company, and that speaks to the quality of P&J. Their employees and safety come first. They won’t sacrifice the wellbeing of their employees for anything, and they’ve always gone above and beyond for their employees.”

The P&J Family wishes Keith well in his retirement – we’ll miss you Keith!