What is Phillips Infrastructure Holdings?

What is Phillips Infrastructure Holdings?

Last year, P&J’s leadership recognized an opportunity to expand the scope of services currently offered by the company. In a bold move, our stockholders, in conjunction with the leadership team, created Phillips Infrastructure Holdings, Inc. (PIH) as a parent company. P&J became a subsidiary, along with three new companies – RowCon, National Fleet Services, and P&J Environmental Services. 


Why Does it Exist?

The creation of PIH provides a foundation for continued growth, bringing our executive leadership and a number of corporate services to one, centralized hub. With PIH running in the background, P&J can be more agile and flexible, pursuing more opportunities in all of our market sectors. 
PIH provides the resources we need to perform high-quality work for our clients, while allowing us the freedom to operate as we always have—boldly, ambitiously, and confidently.