What can MarCom do for you?

What can MarCom do for you?

Do you create work plans, safety plans, and other jobsite materials? Do you have an initiative you need to communicate to a group of team members? The Marketing & Communications (MarCom) team offers a variety of services to help you format, edit, design, and distribute your message effectively and professionally.

You can always reach the entire MarCom team at Or, if you’re uncertain about your request, Senior Vice President of Strategic Communications Emily Torgerson is available at to help find you the resources you need.

Writing & Communications

We’ve developed Word and PowerPoint templates that help you keep text styles consistent while easily incorporating P&J’s branding. These templates not only help your document look more professional, but they can help you navigate longer documents and generate automatic tables of contents. We’re also happy to work with you to edit the content of your document for grammar and style, as well as to incorporate pre-written narratives like our company introduction. If you’re ever struggling with Microsoft Word formatting, reach out!

From safety plans to mass emails, we’re happy to work with you to ensure your message is clearly communicated. Reach out to our Content Editor, Peyton Riley at for assistance on your next writing or formatting project.

Events & Apparel

The MarCom team also handles corporate event registration, social media and other participation materials for those events, and branded company apparel. We’re happy to help you organize your attendance or exhibition strategy for corporate tradeshows, and we offer a variety of P&J branded apparel and swag to help you represent our team in the field and to clients.

Reach out to for assistance with swag, apparel, and events.

Design & Photos

When it comes to more visual requests, our in-house design team can help you produce org charts, graphics, stickers, and other presentation materials. We maintain a reference library of professional jobsite photographs, as well as infographics, icons, and other branding materials to create your next safety flier, client presentation, or other design project.

Reach out to Graphic Designer Elle Eberle at for assistance.