Safety Tips for Getting Outside While Social Distancing

Safety Tips for Getting Outside While Social Distancing


While we all do our part in practicing social distancing to protect ourselves and each other during this COVID-19 crisis, you should try and get outside. Unlike the office, restaurants, and theaters, outdoor spaces leave literal room to breathe and are considered safe as long as you maintain 6′ of distance from other people and steer clear of public playgrounds and other frequently-touched surfaces. Avoid cabin fever and tend to your mental health by getting outside this spring! Here are a few tips to keep you and your family safe.


Be Visible

  • Keep shrubs and trees trimmed so there is a clear view of the street so drivers can see you, and you can see drivers.
  • Don’t park cars on the street.
  • Make Yourself Visible. Wear bright clothing during the day and high visibility clothing at night. Use reflectors, lights on bikes, and carry a flashlight or wear a headlight while walking.
  • Stay out of the blind spots of vehicles.


Obey Traffic Laws, Signals and Signs

  • Wear helmets when riding bikes, motorcycles, or playing on scooters or skateboards.
  • Bicyclists must stop at red lights and stop signs and should ride with the flow of traffic.
  • Pedestrians should obey signals and cross at intersections and crosswalks.
  • Never assume that because you have the right of way, drivers will see you and yield.


Stay Alert – Don’t Be Distracted

  • Listening to music leaves a rider or pedestrian unable to hear sirens, horns, and other warnings.
  • Earbuds plus cellphones can lead pedestrians to walk into other people – or traffic – putting themselves and others at risk. Stop walking while using your device, then put it away and pay attention to safety while in motion.


As Always – Wash Your Hands!

  • Remember to frequently wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
  • Use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.


Remember as a bicyclist or pedestrian, you present even more safety challenges on the road for drivers than other vehicles as you lack protection in a crash, are slower than vehicles, and can be very difficult for a driver to see. These are all significant reasons to do what you can to protect you and your family. We want our employees and their families to work hard and play hard, but above all else, ALWAYS BE SAFE!