Safety Culture


At P&J we actively care about the people who work for us. Our People First philosophy ensures that we will always make the right decisions when it comes to their safety. We embrace individual accountability, and it starts with our leadership. Our CEO has primary responsibility for the safe execution of our work and our people, and this expectation is conveyed to each level of leadership. Safety is embraced throughout the company and indeed ranks above all other aspects of our business, including schedule and production.


We live our philosophy of putting People First in a multitude of ways, and planning is a critical piece of our process. From peer-involved pre-bid discussions to Job Safety Analysis preparation, we strive to plan the details of each task to maximize our safety success.


Ensuring all employees are aware of our company-specific safety policies and procedures is a crucial element of our program. We offer initial and ongoing safety education and training for all of our employees, including our 120-day Short Service Employee Program, which introduces our new employees to P&J’s core values and expectations.

Continuous, Open, & Honest Communication

We embrace a culture in which open and honest communication is not only welcome but expected. Knowledge is power, so our ability to provide an environment in which employees feel free to bring up concerns or suggestions, and report all incidents, from near misses to minor injuries, is a cornerstone of our program. 

Incident Management

We take an active role in incident prevention and management. Our protocols and programs make sure that all incidents, no matter how minor, are reported and reviewed ensuring that we constantly evolve and update our safety procedures and best practices.

Continuous Improvement

Our safety program like our projects is ever-changing, so we make continuous improvements a daily focus. Changes are made based on leading indicators, lessons learned, and recommendations by our employees.

Our Safety Team

Everyone on our staff knows and understands that safety is a core value. They embrace their responsibility to support and actively care for our workforce. We have a support team of environmental, health, and safety (EH&S) professionals headed by a corporate vice president of safety and risk management. This team’s role is to facilitate a safe work environment throughout P&J’s operations by ensuring the consistent implementation of the company safety policy and processes.