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P&J was founded on determination, a strong work ethic, and pride in jobs done well. We still operate that way today. We’ve built a reputation for taking on challenging projects in extreme environments while producing the highest quality of work. Our goal is to achieve construction excellence through innovation, combined with a proactive and collaborative approach with our clients to ensure understanding of the services to be provided and the metrics of performance. 



The P&J Contractor Quality Control (CQC) Program ensures that all materials and construction are in accordance with the requirements for completeness, accuracy, tolerance, and constructibility following applicable client project plans and specifications. An essential goal of the CQC program is to ensure all construction operations transpire in accordance with contract documents; this includes a program that manages quality prior to, during, and after construction. With every engagement, we aim to provide the highest quality construction services that exceed our client’s expectations by implementing a thorough quality program designed to deliver the best product.

As a team, we strive to thoroughly implement our quality control program to obtain a uniform, high-quality level of workmanship throughout all our projects.

To assure this end, the following principles will be observed:

  • Ensure the highest quality by maintaining supervised controls through quality control procedures.
  • Establish clearly defined responsibilities and authority for quality control compliance.
  • Compile accurate records of required documentation conforming to the contractual requirements, specifications, and applicable standards.
  • Notify the client of quality deficiencies for immediate corrective action and ensure corrective action is implemented correctly.
  • Establish and maintain continuous, professional, and effective communications with the client.

Our CQC plan is based on a three-phase system to ensure construction activities are fully compliant with contract specifications and regulatory requirements: Readiness Evaluation, Inspections, and Closeout. 

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