Proven Professional Round-up

Proven Professional Round-up


Meet Chase Whittaker, an Operator working in West Virginia for P&J’s ROW Construction Group!

Chase grew up in construction, working in several family businesses since he was as young as 12, and we’re proud to have had him on the team since 2018. He’s known in the field for being energetic, passionate, and hard-working, and he brings a community spirit to his work for P&J.

Much of Chase’s ROW clearing work is done on steep terrain and in residential areas, and he and his team take their responsibility to these communities seriously. When he’s on the job, he keeps one simple idea in the forefront: “If it were my place, I would want someone there that knows what they’re doing and is willing to help clean up.” Putting People First by being respectful and mindful of the communities we serve is what P&J is all about, and Chase’s dedication to community and his team perfectly represents our values.

Thank you, Chase, for being a part of the #PandJFamily. You are a true Proven Professional.