Our New CRM System: A OneP&J Solution

Our New CRM System: A OneP&J Solution


One P and J

Phase I of P&J’s client relationship management (CRM) system launch is almost upon us! This new cloud-based software is designed to help us manage opportunities and pursue leads throughout the company cohesively and strategically. By tracking our contacts and linking them to clients, bids, projects, and both longstanding and new partnerships, we’re going to be able to see the bigger picture for our organization.

This system will allow our business development and estimating teams to work in concert even across divisions. As part of our OneP&J initiative, the multiple phases of CRM development will unify our operations and improve both internal and external communications as we grow. It’s important that we work to speak clearly, with one voice, and it’s our goal that the CRM system makes it easier for us to find information on P&J’s extensive experience, current projects, upcoming opportunities and possible leads across division and market lines. We’re all one P&J team, and the easier it is for us to communicate, the more we can do to help each other succeed.

The official launch date for client and opportunity management functions is October 1, and all registered CRM users will receive an email reminding them to cease data entry on September 29 so that our developer can make the final changes. 

MarCom and IT would like to thank everyone who has provided input throughout the development process and  participated in trainings. This has been a real team effort, and we look forward to continuing into Phase II, in which we’ll be integrating more of our project and personnel management functions, like project descriptions and resumes.