Orlando, Florida

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P&J Role


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Completion Date

January 2017

Project Description

P&J was subcontracted by Hensel Phelps, Construction Co. for the construction of  South Airport APM Complex Program Orlando International Airport.

P&J’s Contribution

P&J furnished and installed the site work and Northern Guideway Embankment Surcharge scope of work for the Guideway. The scope of work consisted of constructing mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls, embankments, abutments, slab on grade, storm drainage, underdrain systems, concrete parapet walls and electrical grounding.

This site work package also included excavating and grading, erosion control measures, and 18” driven precast prestressed piles. A street sweeper was used as often as necessary to remove debris and dirt from the pavement as well as water truck utilization to maximize dust control.

P&J was able to contribute to the Small Business Participation with a goal of 20% MWBE, LDB and DBE.