Frostproof, Florida

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P&J Role

Prime Contractor

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Completion Date

March 2020

Project Description

P&J performed site work and development services for this $240 million steel processing plant. The plant is expected to produce 350,000 tons of rebar each year from scrap metal, and it will also employ over 200 workers, making it one of the largest industrial developments in Polk County Florida in recent years.

Project Highlights


AC Clearing & Grubbing


CY Cut/Fill


FT-Deep Mass Excavation for Foundations


LF Storm Drain


SY Stabilization Fabric

+/- 200,000

TN Road Base

P&J’s Contribution

P&J was contracted to help develop a plot of land for an industrial manufacturing facility. Work included a mass excavation to accommodate the facilities extensive scrap metal processing equipment that included foundations 40’ below the existing ground surface and towered multiple stories above.

The site preparations occurred both prior to and during the construction of the facilities. P&J coordinated with several other contractor, engineers, and owner representatives to ensure the approach to the work was safe and productive.

Challenges & Solutions

The work began in April 2019 ahead of Florida’s wet season, making rain, thunder, and lighting a daily factor. The deep mass excavation also had to be coordinated around the dewatering of the site, installation of storm drains, construction of laydown areas, and maintaining access to all other contractors on site.

Crews had to construct roads to allow for a 200-ton crawler crane to reach the perimeter of the mass excavation to place multiple pre-cast structures weighing in at 150 tons by mid July 2019. In addition, portions of the project were constructed next to an operating high-pressure natural gas pipeline.