Polk County, Florida

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P&J Role


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Completion Date

June 2019

Project Description

P&J constructed a 350-acre solar site constructed as part of a local utility’s expansion of their use of alternative energy. In conjunction with approximately 12 other sites, this project is set to add enough photovoltaic solar projects to power more than 100,000 homes in the Florida area.

Project Highlights


CY Pond Excavation


LF 18-24" RCP Storm Drainage Pipe


Miles Crushed Concrete Roadways

P&J’s Contribution

P&J was a sitework subcontractor on this project and self-performed site clearing, preparation, and drainage installation. Work included excavation of several ponds and cuts on site to achieve the drainage requirements, as well as grading, sodding, seeding, and fence installation. Storm drainage pipe systems were also installed on the site, along with 4 miles of crushed concrete access roadways.