Introducing: Good Catch Feature

Introducing: Good Catch Feature


At P&J, Safety is our most important core value, and it’s the responsibility of every team member to look out for each other on the job. Part of putting People First means empowering our team in the field to speak up when they see an opportunity to prevent unnecessary risk on the job site.

Good Catches recognize team members who go above and beyond to notice and improve working conditions throughout our operations. To celebrate this part of our safety culture, we’re spotlighting one Good Catch each quarter!

This issue, our client AEP recognized P&J Work Planner, Lyle Gleckner for his work on hazardous tree removal projects!

Gleckner discovered a potentially dangerous erosion issue on Krebs Ridge Road – a public road in Switzerland Township in Ohio. Lyle Gleckner was traveling between crews removing hazardous trees in the Kammer-Dumont 765-kV line right-of-way when he noticed a truck swerving around a spot on the edge of the road. He stopped and saw that a section of the road had broken away. He contacted the P&J crews working nearby, and advised them to use extra caution while traveling on that section of roadway. “You see it, you own it,” Gleckner said. “Always keep your eyes open for road erosion issues – especially during the freeze/thaw season.”

Brian Judge, Program Operations Manager for P&J said, “We commend Lyle for his observation and diligence in identifying and reporting this potential safety risk. Like AEP, P&J focuses on promoting a strong Safety awareness culture.

Thank you, Lyle, for putting People First.