Have you gotten your wellness exam this year?

Have you gotten your wellness exam this year?

If you’re participating in the Wellness for Life program, remember to earn your 100 points for 2021! The easiest way to get those 100 points (and continue to receive your $50 per month discount on insurance premiums) is to get your annual physical. To find out where you stand and learn more about the program, please log on to or use the myCigna app. From the website or the app, click on “Wellness,” then “Incentive Awards”.

Here are some other ways to earn your 100 points:

Wellness ActivityPoints
Annual Physical100
Well Woman Exam100
Colon Cancer Screening100
Prostate Cancer Screening100
Cervical Cancer Screening100
Complete the Cigna on-line Health Assessment50
Receive a flu shot25
Complete an on-line coaching program
• Nutrition
• Exercise
• Positive Mood
• Weight
• Stress
• Tobacco one and six month programs
(maximum of 50)
Participate in Apps & Activities25
(maximum of 50)
Self-reported goals:
• I made smart and delicious food choices
• I took part in physical activity
• I'm managing my weight
(maximum of 50)


You can also find other wellness resources at or in the app, including

  • One-on-One Health Coaching: Our Cigna medical plan includes one-on-one health coaching at no extra cost to those enrolled.
  • Health Topics: Find out more about health and wellness conditions, lifestyle choices, and the actions you can take to improve your overall well-being.
    • Some examples include heart health, pre-diabetes and diabetes, emotional health, healthy aging, etc.
  • Remember to schedule your annual physical (preventive exam)! A preventive approach to managing your health can lead to a healthier lifestyle.