Do you know P&J’s Core Safety Concepts?

Do you know P&J’s Core Safety Concepts?


Safety means a lot of things at P&J. It’s our programs and procedures, our PPE and training requirements, our consistent daily check-ins and planning sessions, and so much more. These details are important, but we’ve distilled our practical concerns into broad, approachable Core Safety Concepts. If you keep these tools and principles in your mind every day on the job, you’re taking an important step toward putting People First.

We’ve also asked some of our team members to help us explain these concepts and talk about how they use them in their work. Our first video features John Church, a Project Manager on a job in Florida talking about You See It; You Own It. This principle is all about awareness at all levels and the importance of identifying hazards on the job site (See It!) and being accountable at all levels (Own It!).

We’ll be releasing more videos on our social media feed in the coming weeks, so be on the lookout for more from your coworkers on these Core Safety Concepts!


You See It You Own It