Do you have your COVID-19 kit?

Do you have your COVID-19 kit?


As part of our commitment to putting People First, P&J wants to ensure all employees have the necessary tools to work safely and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

As a P&J employee, you should have received a hygiene kit this summer to help keep you sanitized and free from germs, specifically the coronavirus. The hygiene kits include:

  • a buff that you can use as a mask when doubled over the mouth and ears, 
  • liquid hand sanitizer to keep in your car or lunch cooler,
  • facial tissues, and 
  • a hand towel.


In addition to the hygiene kits, we’ve sent extra buffs to several project sites to wear as a face covering. Please utilize these items to keep you, your family, and your P&J team members healthy. If you haven’t received a hygiene kit, email for assistance!