COVID Year in Review

COVID Year in Review


This year has been different, but each of you has demonstrated perseverance and dedication that makes us proud to have you in the P&J family. As part of essential critical infrastructure, we take our responsibilities to our communities seriously. Management’s commitment throughout the pandemic has been to prioritize keeping employees safe above all other objectives. Since February, we have focused on gathering information early and communicating clearly and frequently.

Our policies have evolved over the months to accommodate new recommendations and best practices, as well as expanded COVID benefits and in-house medical support. We’ve spent more than $830,000 on various services, including COVID pay, employee gift cards, and tools and PPE to protect our people. Throughout it all, P&J did not have to initiate a single full closure or project shutdown because we could and did operate safely.
As we close this tumultuous year, P&J will continue to provide support and investment in our employees so that you can stay safe first and keep working second.

Thank you for your hard work and willingness to adapt. We appreciate each member of the P&J Family and wish you a safe and happy new year.


COVID Investments Infographic


CovidInvestments-2020 - Updated