Hart, CA

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P&J Role

Earthworks Contractor

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Completion Date

June 2020

Project Description

This project constructed an approximately 3 million square foot leach pad to stack and process the stockpiled ore located in a previously mined pit. Following construction of the leach pad and other sitewide improvements, P&J began 14.3M yards of contract mining for Equinox Gold.

Project Highlights


AC of Clearing & Stripping


CY of Topsoil Removed


CY of General Excavation & Embankment


CY of Leak Detection Gravel Loaded/Hauled/Placed


CY of Overliner Gravel Loaded/Hauled/Placed


LF of 2" HDPE Pipe Installed


LF of 4" HDPE Pipe Installed


LF of 18" HDPE Pipe Installed


LF of 20" HDPE SDR Pipe Installed


SF of Liner


CY Mined

P&J’s Contribution

P&J was the earthworks contractor that performed all heavy civil activities during the leach pad construction. This included site preparation such as clearing and grubbing, removing and hauling topsoil to designated areas, and mass cut-to-fill and grading to construct the leach pad subgrade.

After site preparation, P&J began construction on vadose zone drains, service perimeter roads, and a solution collection channel leading to the process plant area. As earthworks contractor, P&J was responsible for excavating and grading historical heap leach pad sideslopes, the anchor trench, the event and tank ponds, and the structural wall. Throughout the project, P&J supported geomembrane liner installation, while also constructing two-foot leak detection and overliner layers complete with 4” HDPE and 18” and 20” HDPE piping systems respectively.

To finalize the pad and prepare for mining activities, P&J performed cut-to-fill and grading services for vertical and mechanical construction and built the mining haul road.