Northampton County, North Carolina

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P&J's Role


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Completion Date

December 2018

Project Description

The Carolina to Earlys 115kv Transmission Line Project was constructed to provide flexibility for Dominion Energy to deliver energy to the area and maintain the reliability of the electric grid for the community. The project consisted of upgrading approximately 24 miles of the 54 Line from structures 54/42 to 54/112B and from 54/122B to 54/204B.

Project Highlights

1,843 Each

8'x14'x6" 3-Ply Laminate Mats


LF of Silt Fence


LF of Upgrading Existing Access Road


LF of New Access Road Grading

P&J performed major items of work, including installing and removing mats in wetland areas, access road improvements, installing and maintaining erosion control measures.