Clendenin, West Virginia

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P&J's Role


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Completion Date

December 2020

Project Description

P&J was contracted to complete right-of-way (ROW) access construction for a new American Electric Power (AEP) transmission line in West Virginia. 

Project Highlights


Acres of ROW Clearing


LF of Off-ROW Access Road Clearing


LF of Access Road Construction

P&J’s Contribution

The scope of work performed by P&J included clearing the ROW and installing access roads, including timber matting. P&J also installed, maintained, and documented all SWPPP items and performed restoration post construction. Project work was performed on steep terrain, requiring crews to carve out accessible access.  

Challenges & Solutions

This site included multiple gas line air-bridge crossings, with many not marked by locators or claimed by gas companies, which P&J had to locate and plan around accordingly. P&J also successfully performed the work during severe weather conditions, snow, ice, and significant rainfall.