North Port, FL

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P&J Role


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Completion Date

March 2019

Project Description

P&J worked as a subcontractor for Tandem / Barton Malow on the Atlanta Braves Project. The project is located in North Port, Florida, and consists of the construction of a new training facility for the professional baseball team. The project began in October of 2017 at which time P&J was working directly for the Atlanta Braves on an interim letter of the agreement until they had Tandem / Barton Malow under contract. The buildout included the baseball stadium, 2 major league practice fields, 4 minor league practice fields, 2 Fungo fields, 1 agility field, and multiple pitching mounds and practice tunnels. The training facility was completed in time for Spring Training Games starting in 2019.

Project Highlights


LF of Storm Pipe


LF of Sanitary Sewer


LF of Pressure Pipe


SY of Asphalt Parking Lot Construction


SY of Grassed Parking Lot


CY of Embankment Fill


Lift Station

P&J’S Contribution

The project was on a 100 acre site with services including roadwork, earthwork, site utilities, and the development of baseball practice fields and a stadium. The roadwork portion included realignment of existing off-site roads to accommodate future traffic patterns, paving parking lots, grassing parking lots (which will also be used for future soccer fields), paving interior roads, and striping /signage on roads and parking lots. The earthwork included excavation of 3 ponds, site grading, grass establishment, concrete work, and a future hotel parcel. The project also included the installation of all storm drainage, waterlines, fire lines, sewers, forcemain, reclaim, and a lift station package.

Atlanta Braves Spring Training Facility