Polk County, Florida

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P&J Role

Prime Contractor

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Completion Date

September 2014

Project Description

P&J was contracted to complete all site work activities associated with construction of the Project Garden Distribution Center located on an 85-acre site in Lakeland, Florida.

Project Highlights


LF Silt Fence


CY Excavated


CY Fill Material Imported & Placed


LF 15-72" Stormwater Drainage Piping Installed


LF 8" Sanitary Sewer Line


LF Force Main


LF Water Main


LF Fire Main


LF Curbing


SY Asphalt Paving


SY Seeded & Sodded

P&J’s Contribution

The scope of work completed by P&J for the project included installation and maintenance of silt fence; clearing and grubbing of the 85-acre site; excavation of material; import and placement of fill material; installation of storm water drainage piping, 8” sanitary sewer line, force main, water main, and fire main; construction of a lift station and curbing; placement of asphalt paving; and seeding and sodding of the site.

Challenges & Solutions

P&J mobilized to the project site in late September of 2013 following an extremely wet summer in central Florida. As a result, most of the project site was covered with standing water at the time of project mobilization. In order to ensure that the project schedule was maintained, P&J deployed the necessary equipment and personnel to install the erosion control measures, clear the site, and complete earthwork despite the wet conditions at the site. Completing these work activities under the less than desirable conditions allowed P&J to meet the originally established schedule.