Akiachak, AK

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P&J Role

Prime Contractor

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Completion Date

January 2012

Project Description

P&J was contracted by the State of Alaska to relocate the existing Akiachak Airport to a new 236 acre site approximately 1.5 miles northwest of the community of Akiachak. The relocation was necessary because the runway and safety areas at the existing airport did not meet minimum length and width standards, the runway had become degraded, and overall the airport was determined to be deficient in size for forecasted operations. The general scope of the project involved the construction of a new 3,300 foot gravel runway with a safety area, taxiway, apron, and 1.4 miles of access roads.

Project Highlights

143 Acres



CY of Muck


CY of Borrow Material


CY of Crushed Aggregate Surface


SY of Bonded Fiber Matrix


LF of 24” And 36” Corrugated Polyethylene Piping

22 Acres


72,267 Man-Hours

With 0 Lost-Time Accidents

P&J’s Contribution

Major items of work completed by P&J included clearing of acres for the new airport, excavation of muck and borrow material, construction of an ice road for hauling borrow material, placement of 23,800 CY of crushed aggregate surface course, installation of bonded fiber matrix and 24” and 36” corrugated polyethylene piping, and seeding. P&J also constructed two single bay snow removal equipment buildings, and installed medium intensity runway, taxiway, and wind cone lighting.  

Akiachak Airport