What is WorkLifeMatters?

What is WorkLifeMatters?


Balancing your work and home life isn’t always easy, and part of our People First philosophy is understanding that we all need a little help sometimes. That’s why PIH partners with Guardian and Integrated Behavioral Health (IBH) to offer you and your family a free, confidential, short-term counseling and referral program called WorkLifeMatters to provide you with confidential employee assistance.

WorkLifeMatters provides you with unlimited access to consultations with professional counselors via telephone. Face-to-face counseling sessions are also available, if needed, with an IBH network partner, and up to three sessions are free of charge as part of the WorkLifeMatters program.

If you need support with financial or legal topics, you are also eligible to receive a free initial 30-minute office or telephone consultation with an attorney or seasoned financial professional and certified public accountants. Local referrals are available for more complex legal or financial issues for a fee.

Employee wellness is about more than just what happens on the job, and PIH wants you to have the support you need to live a balanced, fulfilled life.


You can access this support and other training resources at

Username: Matters

Password: wlm70101


If you have additional questions about WorkLifeMatters and the Employee Assistance Program, contact Brandon Layne at


WorkLifeMatters can offer support with:
EducationLegal & Financial MattersLifestyle & Fitness ManagementDependent Care & Care GivingWorking Smarter
Admissions testing and proceduresBasic tax planningAnxiety and depressionAdoption assistanceBalancing work and home life
Adult re-entry programsCredit & debtDivorce and separationBefore-after school programsCareer and training development
College planningImmigrationRelationship issuesDay care, elder care, and in-home servicesEffective managing
Financial aid resourcesPersonal legal and will makingDrugs and alcoholParenting supportRelocation
Retirement planningHealth and well-beingSenior housing optionsWorkspace diversity
Grief & lossSpecial needs care
Pet care