What can MarCom do for you?

What can MarCom do for you?

MarCom is here to help with your swag, event, and communication needs. We can help you write, organize, and format documents more professionally, and we have forms to help you request design elements, business cards, office name tags, email distribution requests, P&J Resumes and Project information sheets (see below!).

Need something else or need a little more guidance? Please reach out to us at, and we’ll be glad to help. Please note that swag requests do require supervisor approval.

Design Request

Do you need to order signage, swag, or marketing materials? Or, do you want to schedule a social media post or need graphics? Check out our Design Request Form! Please follow this link to make a request:  Design Request Form

Business Cards 

 If you need to order cards for yourself or another employee, please follow this link: Business Card Request Form

You will receive an email to confirm that your request went through, and we’ll get those cards printed and sent to the requested address. 

Office Name Tags 

If you are looking for printed name tags for offices or cubicles, please follow this link: Office Name Tag Request 

You should receive an email to confirm that your request went through, and we’ll get the cards printed and sent to the appropriate office. 

Email Request

Do you have an email you want distributed? Any announcements or notices being sent to broad audiences should be sent from the Phillips Marketing & Communications email address. Please follow this link to make an email request: Email Request

 P&J Resumes 

If you are submitting resumes for P&J personnel, either for client approval or within a proposal, you can find our existing resumes on SharePoint here: Existing P&J Resumes 

Files are saved with the month and year when they were last updated in the name for reference. 

If you need an existing resume to be updated, or a resume that isn’t currently in our repository, you can submit a request here: Resume Request 

For new-hire resumes, it’s useful to have a copy of their personal resume on-hand. There is a place to add an attachment within the form. 

Project Information Sheets

If you’re looking for project information sheets to demonstrate company experience, you can find our existing sheets on SharePoint here: Existing Project Sheets

If you can’t find a project you want to highlight, a Project Manager or Regional Manager who oversaw the project can start with this form: Project Information Sheet Request