Water Resources Project Profiles

Lower Bois D'Arc Reservoir

Construction of an 85-foot tall earthen embankment dam which when complete will impound more than 350,000 acre-feet of water. The project includes construction of a 120-foot tall intake structure, a 20,000 CY concrete spillway, 6,200 LF of 90” pipeline, 170,000 CY of soil cement, 4,000 acres of clearing, and numerous mechanical gates. The project will also entail a complex water diversion system allowing the existing waterways to flow through and around the site prior to impoundment.

Arbuckle Reservoir

The 40,000-acre-foot off channel reservoir consists of approximately 5 miles of 40-foot tall earthen embankment dam. Total material excavation and placement on the project was over 11 million CY. There was 250,000 CY of stair-stepped soil cement, 600,000 CY filter drain material, and a slurry wall. The project also required rehabilitation of 2 existing agricultural pump stations, canal widening and concrete lining, construction of a new re-lift pump station and conduit through the embankment, a new river outfall pipeline, and a discharge structure.

North Fork Spillway and Embankment Improvements

Construction of a new auxiliary spillway, modifications to the intake tower, and rehabilitation of the principal spillway on a high hazard dam. Crews will form and place over 20,000 CY of concrete and excavate 350,000 CY of earth.

Boone Hydro Project Berm Construction

Widening the crest of the earth embankment section of Boone Dam to facilitate future construction of a cut-off wall and, also, to improve the structural stability of the dam. Approximately 140,000 CY rock fill will be placed to widen the berms on both the upstream and downstream slopes of the existing earth embankment.

Catawba Raw Water Reservoir & Pump Station

Construction of a 110-foot tall earthen embankment and an 85-foot tall new pump station. The project required a 72-foot deep 1,500 LF cement-bentonite cutoff wall, 750,000 CY of zoned embankment material, 37,000 CY of blanket and chimney drain, and 4,300 CY of concrete.

Pasco County Master Reuse System

CMAR project consisting of 15 wetland cells within a 176-acre area that will allow reclaimed water to be pumped into the wetland cells to infiltrate and recharge the local aquifer. Included over 200,000 CY of excavation and embankment placement, installation of over 40,000 LF of piping, and installation of instrumentation and electrical components.

Soque River Watershed Dams 29, 34, and 36 Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation of the Soque River Watershed High Hazard Dams 29, 34, and 36 to avoid future failure. Onsite mixing and placing of 16,500 CY RCC, 2,200 CY of conventional concrete, 6,000 CY of filter drainage, 65,000 CY rock and common excavation, 4,300 ton of Rip/Rap placement and 21 acres of clearing.

Cherokee Dam

Dam raise project includes construction of 65,000 Dam raise project includes construction of 65,000 SF of RCC formwork, installation of 18,000 CY of RCC, and construction of 600 CY of cast-in-place concrete flood wall.SF of RCC formwork, installation of 18,000 CY of RCC, and construction of 600 CY of cast-in-place concrete flood wall.