Safety Week 2024

Construction Safety Week was May 6-10. This year, the theme was centered on active communication, specifically through the activities of encouraging, listening, and empowering. Our Safety culture is built on a foundation of responsibility where everyone, regardless of their role, has personal ownership in keeping their team and jobsite safe. We want to thank you for participating and using your voice to keep your team safe.

If you missed the video series, check them out below!


Day 1: Driving Personal Ownership

Although the construction industry has extensive safety standards, processes, and procedures in place to keep us safe, serious accidents and dangerous events can occur at any time unless we continue to maintain consistent focus. It’s important that every one of us accepts a greater level of responsibility for our own safety and the safety of others. When it comes to safety, whether it be an unsafe condition or behavior, if you see it, you own it, if you walk by it, you condone it.


Day 2: Encouraging and Welcoming New Ideas

We understand that an effective Safety culture must always be willing to evolve. As part of our shared responsibility, P&J encourages and welcomes ideas from new and long-serving employees. We stay ahead of the curve by empowering our people to speak up and Stop Work any time they have questions or suggestions for how to work more safely.


Day 3: Embracing Every Voice

The best time to speak up is before an incident occurs, so “Good Catches” and “Near Misses” are important data points for our overall Safety program. P&J embraces every voice by actively seeking this input, as well as comments on suggested procedure changes from our team in the field. Every employee has an opportunity to affect our policies and procedures.


Day 4: Strengthening Our Culture

Putting People First goes beyond simply providing PPE—strengthening our Safety culture is all about building relationships. P&J holds Safety as a Core Value, and we lead by example. The best thing we can do for our team is to never stop listening, reviewing, and investing in our program to make sure each employee knows we are committed to protecting them on the job site.


Day 5: Thank You for Using Your Voice