Safety Core Concepts: Actively Caring, Take 2, & Stop Work

Safety Core Concepts: Actively Caring, Take 2, & Stop Work


We released three more Core Safety Concept videos featuring our team members. Check out what Luis Guerrero, Byron Sardinea, and Richard Root have to say about staying safe on the job!

Actively Caring

Putting People First isn’t something that happens passively or automatically. From executive management to field employees, we commit to taking concrete action each day to engage in our work safely. Planning, communicating, and taking responsibility for the conditions of our workplace are all part of actively caring for our P&J Family.

Luis Guerrero, a Working Foreman with our ROW Construction Group gives us some insight to how his team–and all of our tree felling crews–plan for each day’s work as part of our active commitment to care!


Take 2

Taking an extra two minutes to evaluate the site, the equipment, yourself, and your coworkers before you start a task can make all the difference–and knowing when to ask for help is a true marker of expertise.

Safety Engineer Byron Sardinea from our Water Resources Group explains how, by asking ourselves key questions about our own knowledge of a task and the equipment we’re about to use, we can help promote on-site safety education and continue to put #PeopleFirst.


Stop Work

Safety is in each of our hands. When you see something on the job site that doesn’t seem right, you have both the right and the responsibility to stop what you’re doing and make sure everyone is safe.

Richard Root, a Superintendent for our Florida group, explains how our employees’ ability to Stop Work at any time helps make sure everyone goes home the same way they came to work.