Location: Palm Beach County, Florida
Completion Date: October 2007
Phillips & Jordan Role: Construction Manager at Risk
The L-8 Reservoir has a storage capacity of 46,000 acre feet of water that can be released in a controlled manner into the regional canals system for restoration under the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan, for water quality buffering in Southeast Florida’s Stormwater Treatment Areas (STAs), and for use as a regional water supply. The reservoir will eventually become one of three Flow Equalization Basins in the State’s restoration strategies plan, providing 99,000 acre feet of storage for delivery of water flow needed to optimize performance of the region’s STAs.

Work scope elements completed by Phillips & Jordan for the L-8 Reservoir project included levee foundation preparation and levee embankment construction; dredging of underwater material and placement into a structural fill; construction of return water canals, cofferdams, and an emergency Roller Compacted Concrete stepped configuration spillway; construction of a temporary bridge across the L-8 Canal; installation of temporary sheet piling, construction of inspections roads and associated storm water drainage, and construction of a bentonite slurry wall to a depth of 75 feet. The contract for the project also included site preparation for three adjoining land parcels which was accomplished by placing dredge material in various areas of the parcels to create more usable property for future development


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Over the past 60 years, Phillips & Jordan has completed various water resource projects involving the construction for reservoirs, dams, impoundments, canals, and conveyance structures designed for water storage, flood control, transportation, power generation, and recreation.