Location: Multiple Counties in Louisiana, Mississippi, & Alabama
Completion Date: September 2007
Phillips & Jordan Role: Prime Contractor


In late August of 2005 Hurricane Katrina made landfall near the Louisiana-Mississippi border with a strong storm surge that resulted in the failure of numerous levees and subsequent flooding of New Orleans. Shortly thereafter, Hurricane Rita made landfall near the Louisiana-Texas border. Phillips & Jordan responded to both events and successfully resolved all of the challenges associated with simultaneously providing disaster recovery services on multiple fronts in New Orleans, Western Louisiana, Gulfport (Mississippi), and Mobile County (Alabama).

Activities performed by Phillips & Jordan included safety management; quality control management; emergency debris clearance; segregation, loading, hauling, and reduction (burning, grinding, etc.) of debris; recycling (metals, White Goods, e-Waste); personal property debris removal; demolition; waterway debris removal; debris management site selection, construction, and management; and final disposal of reduced debris. A total of 14,500,000 cubic yards of debris was collected and processed by Phillips & Jordan in the storm impacted areas including collection of +42,000 cubic yards of Asbestos Containing Materials and 1,470,000 Household Hazardous Waste items; recycling of 764,000 units of White Goods, 787,000 units of electronics, and 51,000 units of small motorized equipment, and performance of 1,200 individual demolition projects.


Response & Recovery • Debris Management

Phillips & Jordan has supported response and recovery efforts for federal, state, and local governments and agencies as well as private sector customers across the United States following virtually every federally declared disaster over the past three decades.