Power Generation Project Profiles

Ash Pond Clean Closure

Excavation and offsite transport of approximately 1,000,000 tons (projected total) of CCR to complete closure of 80+ acre impoundment.

Ash Pond and Stack Closures

Various projects at multiple sites including dewatering, demolition, excavation, stormwater management and drainage system installation, geosynthetic installation, cover soil placement, and sod/seed installation:

  • 35-acre Stilling Pond
  • 60-acre Ash Pond
  • 30-acre Ash Pond
  • 40-acre Bottom Ash Pond
  • 65-acre Dry Stack
  • 95-acre Dry Fly Ash Stack
  • 230-acre Dredge Cell Closure

Conveyance Ditch and Sluice Channel Closure

Demolition, excavation, geosynthetic installation, fabric formed concrete and riprap placement, stormwater drainage and process pipe installation, sod installation, and cast-in-place concrete structure construction.

Coal Yard Closures

Restoration projects at various sites including demolition, excavation, cover soil placement, and installation of stormwater drainage system and permanent vegetation:

  • 34-acre Pond and Yard
  • 13-acre Pond and Yard

Mass Grading

Rough grading for 130-acre site development project. Clearing and grubbing, demolition, installation and maintenance of erosion control measures, and 3M cubic yards of excavation in 75 days.


Detailed project information available upon request.