Bowling Green, Florida

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Project Description

P&J is responsible for construction of the WC-1 Clay Settling Dam Phase 1. Once complete, the 3.5-mile perimeter of the dam will reach an elevation of 177’ and encompass approximately 600 acres of waste clay storage for phosphate mining.

Project Highlights


CY Dozer-Placed Fill


CY Compacted Overburden Fill


CY Compacted Sand Tailings Fill

P&J’s Contribution

The scope of work for P&J on this project includes stripping vegetation, identifying and removing unsuitable materials within the foundation, flooring out the foundation with dozer placed fill, placing compacted sand tailings fill and compacted overburden fill using CAT 657 scrapers and haul trucks.


Mosaic Highlight

P&J is implementing mud wave techniques to shift large quantities of waste clay materials out of the footprint of the dam and into secluded areas within the interior of the storage area. These methods allow P&J to maintain a suitable foundation for the dam, while limiting loading and hauling of the waste clays. P&J is also working closely with owner and engineer representatives to create a team approach to the work, which allows for all parties to evaluate unique solutions to the work to reduce cost and schedule throughout the project duration.

Additional scope also includes dewatering, spillway structures, erosion controls, and seeding.