Mining Project Profiles

Castle Mountain Mine Earthworks & Pad Construction

This project involves construction of an approximately 3M SF leach pad to process 12,700 tons of ore stockpiled from previous operations per day. As earthworks contractor, P&J is performing all heavy civil activities, including clearing and stripping, topsoil removal, excavation and embankment activities, and installation of HDPE pipe systems during construction of the leach pad. P&J will then haul 14.3M yards of ore to the pad over the next four (4) years.

Mosaic WC-1 Dam

The WC-1 project is the construction of an 800-acre clay settling area. The project includes excavation and embankment of 12 M CY of sand tailings and overburden material, construction of two (2) spillway structures, storm drainage piping and grassing. The project requires more than 100 pieces of equipment and 120 employees to meet the construction schedule. The fill material was moved with a combination of push/pull scrapers and off-road trucks at a rate of 60,000 CY per day.

Collom Loading Facility

Collom Project is a Colowyo mine expansion including earthwork, new coal crushing plant, power distribution, water tank and distribution facilities, site topsoil salvage and grading, blasters building and explosives storage, and sediment control structures. P&J performed 100 AC clear and grub, 440K CY topsoil stripping, 40K CY base placement, 600K CY cut/fill, 1,700LF cmp pipe install, and 680K CY of rock excavation.

Barneys Canyon Mine Reclamation & Final Closure

This gold mine reclamation project includes soil remediation, extending liners, relaxing the slope of the heap leach pads, stormwater controls, and building demolition. P&J is responsible for approximately 2M CY of cut/fill reshaping, 1M CY topsoil load/haul/place, 30,000 TN aggregate hauling, and 400,000 CY of soil remediation. Project work also includes 3.0M CY of heap regrade and clean soils capping, 380,000 CY of sulfide ore excavation and encapsulation, 27,000’ of terrace channel and downdrain construction and 29,000 tons of aggregate placement.

American Cement Company

P&J provided personnel and equipment to perform mining services including stripping, overburden removal of 1,755,800 CY and 842,050 CY excavation and stockpiling of limerock. All services were performed by P&J in strict accordance with MSHA & industry standards.

L-8 Reservoir

A Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) Project at an active rock mine in South Florida involved construction of a 46,000 acre-feet reservoir in an expended rock mine. Phillips & Jordan moved over 2.5M CY of material for the embankment and dredged 34M CY from the interior of the reservoir. The project also required the construction of an 11,500 LF soil-bentonite slurry wall to a depth of 75’.