College Station, TX

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P&J Role


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Completion Date

December 2018

Project Description

The Limestone to Gibbons Creek Transmission Project consists of the installation of a new 345 kV transmission line extending approximately 68 miles between College Station and Jewett, Texas. The project is a partnership between Cross Texas Transmission and Garland Power & Light, and will expand capacity and benefit landowners in the region by reducing outages, improving emergency power responses, and supporting the expansion of economic growth throughout Southeast Texas.

P&J’s Contribution

The scope of work being performed by P&J for the project includes clearing of a 130’-wide right-of-way along the transmission line corridor and associated vegetation disposal; installation of matting, access roads, fencing, and gates; installation of pipeline crossings, culverts, and construction entrances; development, installation, and maintenance of Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan measures during clearing and transmission line construction activities; and restoration of areas disturbed during clearing and construction activities. 

Limestone Gibbons