Industrial & Commercial Project Profiles

Atlanta Braves Spring Training Complex

Project consists of the construction of a new training facility for the professional baseball team. The buildout includes the baseball stadium, 2 major league practice fields, 4 minor league practice fields, 2 Fungo fields, 1 agility field, and multiple pitching mounds and practice tunnels.

Navy Federal Credit Union Phase 2

Project involves site development for a new credit union complex in Pensacola which includes demolition and dewatering operations, clearing/grubbing of 20 acres, excavation (15 to 30 feet below structure finish grade) and fill placement, installation of underground utilities, and asphalt paving and curb construction.

Arden Site Development

Project involved development of a 1,200-acre mixed use site (residential units, recreational facilities, retail space, and a future public school) which included 3,600,000 CY of material excavation; 50,800 LF of water and sewer pipe installation; and construction of 3 lift stations, a vehicular bridge, and 170,000 SY of roadway infrastructure.

Automated People Mover & Intermodal Transportation Facility

Project involved construction of the referenced facility at the Orlando International Airport which included clearing/ grubbing; demolition and dewatering operations; site grading; pond excavation and canal embankment construction; water, sewer, and stormwater drainage line installation; lift station/box culvert construction; and asphalt paving.

Arrowhead Landfill Construction, Expansion, and Cell Closure

Project involved construction of 5 landfill cells, expansion of 4 existing cells, and partial closure of 4 cells which included +1,400,000 CY of excavation, +3,400,000 SF of polyethylene liner, and +26,000 LF of piping/force main installation.

Memphis Regional Intermodal Facility

Project involved construction of 68,950 LF of railroad track; placement of 279,455 SY of roller compacted concrete and 33,317 SY of Portland Cement; construction of 33 high mast light structures, 2 camera portal buildings, and a water booster pump station; and installation of electrical wiring, sanitary sewer, water line, and security fencing.

U.S. Route 17 ACE Basin Widening Project

Project involved widening of approximately 10 miles of highway which included earthwork; installation of piping, storm drainage structures, and box culverts; construction of Mechanically Stabilized Earth walls; bridge and roadway construction; and guardrail/median barrier installation.

Choctaw Point Complex Mobile Container Terminal

Completed four individual projects associated with the Choctaw Point Complex – Choctaw Point Container Terminal Land Reclamation and Stabilization, Choctaw Point Container Terminal Phase 1B Land Reclamation and Stabilization, Choctaw Point Container Terminal Wetland Mitigation, and Garrows Bend Intermodal Container Transfer Facility Land Reclamation and Diversion Drain.

QTG Bottling Plant Site Development

Project involved site development and utility infrastructure installation for an ~ 900,000 SF bottling plant on a 100-acre site in Virginia and an ~1,400,000 SF bottling plant on a 160-acre site in Oklahoma which included 1,345,000 CY of soil and rock excavation and installation of storm drainage, sanitary sewer, and process waste lines.

Bellalago Subdivision Site Development

Project involved development of a 1,200-acre residential subdivision site which included 7,770,000 CY of material excavation, 286,000 LF of water and sewer pipe installation, construction of 38,000 LF of sidewalks, and 98,000 LF of curbed roadway, and construction of 3 lift stations.