How can I identify and avoid conflicts of interest?

How can I identify and avoid conflicts of interest?

As part of maintaining P&J’s integrity, employees must avoid situations in which their personal interests could conflict with, or even appear to conflict with, the interests of the Company.

Conflicts of interest arise when an individual’s position or responsibilities with our Company present an opportunity for personal gain of profit separate and apart from that individual’s earnings from the Company or where the employee’s interests are otherwise inconsistent with the interests of the Company.

Conflicts of interest are not always clear; if you have a question, please speak to your supervisor, HR, or Corporate Compliance & Ethics Officer. If you have anything that you would like to bring up anonymously, please utilize our Ethics Help Line at (844) 286-6021. This will allow us to evaluate, monitor, and manage the situation.

Make sure you:

  • Avoid conflict of interest situations whenever possible.
  • Always make business decisions in the best interest of the Company.
  • Disclose any relationship, outside activity, or financial interest that may present a possible conflict of inter­est or the appearance of a conflict. Make your dis­closures in writing to your direct supervisor and copy the Corporate Compliance Officer.
  • Think ahead and proactively address situations that may put your interests or those of a family member in potential conflict with the Company.

Watch out for:

  • Situations that may appear to give rise to a conflict between your personal interests and those of the Company
  • Actions of others that may create a conflict of interest and report these to your direct supervisor
  • Use of Company resources for individual gain or to pursue another business
  • Situations that are not in direct conflict of interest but can be perceived by others this way.