Have you heard about OneP&J?

Have you heard about OneP&J?

Throughout our 68 years in business, P&J has been able to grow and thrive because we’re always willing to evolve. Whether it’s expanding into new regional offices or tackling new scopes of work, we’re constantly looking for new opportunities to prove our skills and expertise in the construction industry, and we’ve come a long way from the mountains of North Carolina.

Now, as a full-service, national contractor, P&J is ready for a new phase of operations. To maintain our trajectory, our OneP&J initiative will launch company-wide in 2020.

One P and J

The OneP&J initiative is designed to help us communicate with each other and with our clients across markets and the country with one clear voice. Through a series of technology initiatives, branding, and procedural changes, we aim to not only unify and streamline our  operations, but to help take the guesswork out of our procedures, presentations, documents, job titles, and other important functions. OneP&J is aimed at making all of our work more effective and efficient.

OneP&J’s roll-out will include several workshops over the course of the year, as well as a standing column in the newsletter and other communication as new pieces of the program are introduced. HQ is committed to supporting the P&J Family’s efforts in the field, and our New Year’s resolution is to work together to communicate and collaborate more smoothly throughout the company!

Be on the look out for more OneP&J information in Q1 of 2020, and if you have any questions contact the MarCom Group at