Environmental Sustainability Strategic Plan

We are committed to conserving the resources utilized in the conduct of our operations for the benefit of those communities in which we live and work. The purpose of the Phillips & Jordan Environmental Sustainability Strategic Plan (ESSP) is to define a strategy that consists of measurable goals, objectives, and actions designed to augment the company’s environmental stewardship of resources, and provide a framework for the company to take action to reduce its impact on global climate change and work towards a sustainable future. Implementation of this ESSP is directed by the Phillips & Jordan Environmental Sustainability Committee which consists of the following Phillips & Jordan employees:

  • Happy Lee – Committee Chairwoman
  • Steve Thompson – Vice President of Safety and Risk Management
  • John Lawrence – Chief Financial Officer

Do you have an idea to help P&J reduce, reuse, or recycle? Please share it with us!

Sustainability Goals, Objectives, and Actions


  • Establish Office Waste Recycling Program
  • Establish Electronic Device Waste Recycling Program
  • Establish Jobsite Waste Recycling Program


  •  Minimize Jobsite Operational Environmental Impacts


  • Document Existing Equipment Maintenance Recycling Program
  • Transition to Use of Green Cleaning Products
  • Transition to Use of Paper/Plastic Products Containing Recycled Material


  • Transition to Purchase/Lease of Reduced Emission Equipment

Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.

~ New England proverb