During These Unprecedented Times

During These Unprecedented Times

Original Post: Patrick McMullen via LinkedIn | March 31, 2020

During these unprecedented times, the enduring spirit and sacrifice of the U.S. Construction Worker is on full display as they rise up to build our essential projects.

The men and women that make up the P&J field construction team are reporting to work every day despite personal risk and anxiety to ensure critical infrastructure, such as dams, power plants, transmission lines, and mining facilities, continue to progress. They, like many others, make up the backbone of this country.

We are a People First Company, and the health and safety of our employees is our priority. We have collaborated with our project teams and business partners to implement extensive processes and controls to address the workplace risk associated with the COVID-19 virus. These protocols are in place to protect the lives of our people, their loved ones, and our communities. As many of us practice social distancing and stay home, remember that doing so protects our people in the field, and other essential workers, from additional risk. We must all do our part as they are doing theirs.

Thank you to all the construction trades and crafts for your sacrifice. We appreciate you. Stay Safe and Stay Healthy.