Delivery • Generation

Phillips & Jordan’s (P&J) experience in the power market sector dates back to the 1950’s. Today we work for many of the largest regulated utilities throughout the United States. In the Power Delivery sub-sector, P&J has established itself nationally as a leader in turnkey right-of-way (ROW) civil services primarily related to transmission line construction/maintenance and substation construction. P&J is one of the nation’s largest ROW clearing and access contractors that offers diversified experience gained from project execution in a wide variety of operational environments. In the Power Generation sub-sector, P&J has extensive experience related to site development for new generation station facilities, improvements to existing generation station infrastructure, decommissioning generation station facilities, and management of coal combustion residuals and flue gas desulfurization gypsum. P&J also provides site civil services for solar and wind installations.


Contact: Power Generation Max Morton 865.688.8342
Power Delivery
Morgan Pierce  919.388.4222


Pipeline Services • Oilfield Services

In the Pipeline Services market sub-sector, P&J provides ROW clearing and site reclamation services for the construction of intrastate and interstate natural gas pipeline systems throughout the United States. Over the past 10 years, we have cleared over 2000 miles of pipeline ROW for major projects including the Rockies Express Pipeline which was the largest natural gas pipeline built in the United States in more than 20 years, and the Ruby Pipeline which was the first carbon-neutral gas pipeline in the United States. In the Oilfield Services market sub-sector, P&J supports both conventional and unconventional oil & gas exploration and production activities in North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Louisiana, and Texas that includes infrastructure construction, well pad construction, water transfer, solids disposal, and roustabout services. Over the past 5 years P&J completed construction and/or maintenance work for over 1,700 well pads in the Marcellus, Niobrara, Eagle Ford, and Bakken Shale fields.


Contact: Oilfield Services Eric Hedrick 865.288.4504



Dams • Levees  • Reservoirs • Waterways

Since its inception P&J has completed numerous water resource projects involving the construction of reservoirs, dams, impoundments, canals, and conveyance structures designed for water storage, flood control, hurricane protection, transportation, power generation, and recreation. In addition to new construction, P&J has rehabilitated aging water resource facilities, completed dam embankment seismic stability improvement projects pursuant to new federal dam safety guidelines, and completed major levee improvement projects. We have completed water resource projects under varying contract types including traditional competitive bid, design-build, early contractor involvement (ECI), construction manager at risk (CMAR), and privately developed water projects that have been transferred to public entities through public private partnerships (P3).

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Manufacturing • Distribution Rail/Port • Landfills • Commercial/Residential

P&J works closely with owners, developers, engineers, and designers to deliver turnkey site development packages for a variety of industrial and commercial project types that have included manufacturing and distribution facilities; rail and port intermodal and bulk transfer facilities; Subtitle D and industrial landfill construction, expansion, and/or closure; residential subdivisions; malls and shopping centers; theme parks and resorts; airports; highways; waste processing and water treatment plants; and military housing facilities. We have the personnel resources and equipment necessary to manage highly complex jobs and aggressive schedules, as well as the ability to scale down our operational approach to accommodate smaller projects while bringing the same energy and commitment to quality.

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Response/Recovery • Debris Mgmt

P&J has supported response and recovery efforts for federal, state, and local governments and agencies as well as private sector customers across the U.S. following virtually every federally declared disaster over the past three decades. Based upon our diversified portfolio of capabilities across the power, oil & gas, water, and industrial & commercial market sectors, P&J can leverage its vast resources to expeditiously respond to a wide scope of disaster response and recovery missions, of any magnitude. Our experience responding to natural disasters includes hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, wildfires, rockslides, and ice storms. We have also supported response and recovery efforts following man-made incidents including acts of terrorism and environmental disasters. Our comprehensive experience provides us with the knowledge to address the unique challenges associated with disaster response, including documentation and record keeping to ensure compliance with reimbursement standards and compliance with all environmental and regulatory statues.

Contact:  P&J Disaster Response Group Tommy Webster  828.644.3222