Lane City, TX

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P&J Role

Prime Contractor

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Completion Date

December 2018

Project Description

The Arbuckle Reservoir is a new water supply capable of adding up to 90,000 acre-feet of water to the region. It is the first major water supply reservoir being constructed off the main channel of the Lower Colorado River, where it will capture and store significant amounts of water downstream of the Highland Lakes for the first time. This will make the agricultural water supply more reliable by shortening transit time and reducing the amount of water lost to evaporation and seepage once released from the reservoir. Building the new reservoir in the lower basin will also allow the Lower Colorado River Authority to take advantage of the basin’s wetter climate and capture runoff from rain and available water in the river downstream of Lake Travis.

Project Highlights

5 Mile

Earthen Embankment- 6.5 Million CY


CY Of Toe, Blanket, and Chimney Drains


CY Stair-Stepped Soil Cement

1.2 Million

SF Soil-Bentonite Cutoff Wall

547’ 120”

Concrete Encased Inlet/Outlet Pipe Under Embankment

560 Cf/S

Relift Pump Station with 5 Vertical Pump Shafts

Extensive Dewatering

Concrete Emergency Spillway

Demolition And Reconstruction

of a Larger Concrete Flume

Gated Inlet/Outlet

and Check Structures

Multiple Cofferdams

and River Diversions

2 Bridges

Beam And Lag Wall

MSE Wall

Extensive Electrical

and Instrumentation

Mechanical Piping

and Valves

Gravel Access Roads

Stream Bank Rehabilitation and Stabilization

Using Fabric Encapsulated Soil Lifts (Fesl)

Embankment Height

40' Typical 60’ Max

Slurry Wall

50' To 85’ In Depth

P&J’s Contribution

P&J is the prime contractor for the Arbuckle Reservoir, directing and managing more than 200 direct-hire craft employees, as well as multiple subcontractors. The major scope of work is constructing the zoned earthen dam embankment consisting of zoned embankment material, installing filter drains, soil cement armoring and a precast wave wall. There were over 11M CY of total material excavation and placement on the project.


P&J is also constructing the water conveyance system from the Lower Colorado River to the Reservoir which includes canal construction and concrete lining, building a new 560-cubic-feet-per-second re-lift pump station, rehabilitation of 2 existing river intake pump stations, and a gated river discharge structure to return the flow of water back to the Colorado River. A new structural concrete emergency spillway is being constructed to pass any overtopping flows from over pumping or extreme weather events. An existing low head dam in the Colorado River is being rehabilitated to ensure a pumping pool is maintained over the long term for the 2 existing rehabilitated agricultural pump stations. This work is taking place behind a sheetpile cofferdam to protect the work from the Lower Colorado River.