Phillips & Jordan (P&J) Leverages Opportunities

In the course of conducting business across the country, we interact with a variety of companies and encounter opportunities to invest in partnerships ~ oftentimes bringing additional value to our customers. These win-win collaborations bring new vision, resources and talent to our corporate table.

We’ve invested in several “green” companies and are proud to extend our pro-environmental mandate into increasingly broader circles of business. Being environmentally conscious is a vital component of our Zero Incidents program of “no harm to person, property, the environment, or our reputation.” 

Vertical and horizontal integration bring economies of scale and synergies to P&J’s operations. These strategic partnerships also provide additional levels of quality control that were formerly outside our immediate job scope. Being not only receptive to, but actively seeking new technologies, operations and businesses, keeps P&J nimble and on the leading edge of our industry. We are not content to limit ourselves to the routine and familiar ~ our pioneering spirit demands more from us.