In keeping with the high standards of Phillips & Jordan (P&J), the department of ethics and business compliance is responsible for the following activities:

  1. provides direction and oversight of the compliance program
  2. is responsible for identifying and assessing areas of compliance risk
  3. communicates the importance of the compliance program to the executive management and the board of directors
  4. prepares and distributes the written code of conduct setting forth the ethical principles and policies
  5. develops and implements education programs
  6. implements a retaliation-free internal reporting process
  7. collaborates with executive management to effectively incorporate the compliance program

Our employees, customers, sub-contractors, partners and vendors can be proud that P&J is placing resources behind the corporate goal of meeting and exceeding expectations of character, integrity and compliance.  This clearly demonstrates that we continue to stay true to our heritage and founding principles as we evolve and grow.


P&J is pleased to announce a newly created department serving the entire corporation, the Ethics & Business Compliance Department. P&J has always held matters of ethics and integrity as its highest priority, as these are founding principles that permeate every aspect of our corporate culture. Rapid growth of the company and involvement in increasingly complex projects across the country make a formal, dedicated compliance position a valuable addition to our executive team. The creation of the position speaks to the deep commitment P&J has for maintaining the highest level of ethics and compliance standards possible.

Ethics and compliance go far beyond the proper filing of documents — it extends to the actions we do, large and small, seen and unseen, each and every day.


thumbsupCode of Conduct


It is P&J’s policy to maintain the highest ethical standards and comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations. As a provider of services to federal, state, and local governments, P&J operates under unique legal and regulatory requirements imposed upon government contractors. We are committed to complying with the letter and spirit of these laws and regulations.

We believe that adherence to this Code will ensure our continued success as well as earn and maintain the confidence of our customers and the community in which we live. We have established this Code of Conduct to recognize the importance of integrity, ethics, and compliance in all that we do. The following general rules apply to the implementation of this Code of Conduct:

  1. All employees must comply with this Code of Conduct. Any officer, director, or employee violating this Code is subject to discipline, which may include demotion or dismissal.
  2. All employees have a duty to report all suspected violations of the Code or other potentially unethical behavior by anyone, including officers, directors, employees, agents, customers, consultants, subcontractors, suppliers, and prime contractors, to the Corporate Compliance and Ethics Officer.
  3. Employees in management positions are accountable for their own conduct and the conduct of those reporting to them. Each management employee is expected to inform those reporting to them about this Code of Conduct, train their direct reports, and take all necessary steps to ensure compliance with this Code.
  4. No employee has the authority to direct, participate in, approve, or tolerate any violation of this Code by anyone.
  5. Any employee who has questions about the application of this Code should consult with the Corporate Compliance and Ethics Officer.

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Complete P&J Code of Conduct


There is no such thing as a minor lapse of integrity.

Tom Peters